martes, 24 de mayo de 2011

My Favorite Book

     The last book I read (although I still don’t finish it) is my favorite book, it’s called TODA MAFALDA, that was wrote (drew) by Joaquín Salvador Lavado (also known as QUINO), an argentinian comic book artist. I have chosen this book, because it’s really special to me: I worked a lot to buy it! And I bought it with my girlfriend in a great day we had. We bought it in Feria del Libro J

     It’s about Mafalda’s life. Mafalda is a five years old argentinian little girl that grows during the 60s, and that doesn’t know how the world works. She wants to understand everything that happens around the world, so she makes ‘strange’ questions to her parents and friends: about Cold War, social inequalities, latin american political tensions, consumerism, sex, music, modern life… or whatever you can imagine… she really wants to know EVERYTHING!

     Mafalda has a group of different friends: Manolito, Felipe, Susanita, Miguelito, Libertad and her little brother Guille.

     I'm still reading this book, so I don't know how does it end, but the only thing I know is that I enjoy each and every page I read...

     I admire the way Mafalda links diferent elements, and then she mixes up everything in a very intrincate question, making her parents or friends feel uncomfortable.
     She loves to listen to The Beatles (me too), she thinks they would be presidents!
     She really hates to eat soup, she even thinks it’s a bad word. Always she’s angry she says ‘SOUP!’. Once she said that this world is a soup, meaning that this is a bad world.
     She has some quotes I like a lot, my favorite one is Start your day with a smile in your face and you’ll see how fun is to walk across the world clashing with everyone!
     I recommend you to read this book, or any other about Mafalda (there’s a lot of Mafalda’s books), I’m sure you’ll enjoy it! J

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