martes, 17 de mayo de 2011

One Photograph I Like

This one is a photograph I like, it’s called “Heaven”, and it was taken by a girl called Sarah (I know nothing about this girl, or when did she really took the photo.  I don’t know where does she live, or how old is she. I only know that she uploaded the foto this year to a web site called “Deviantart” under the name of “Dark-and-Dreamless”).  I usually don’t upload photos to facebook, so I had nothing personal to upload here. But, when I want to find amazing photos, I always look for them in (if you want to have a nice time watching beautiful pictures and photos, I recommend to you this site).
I like this photo, because it shows a special moment I really love: Sunset.  It shows the moment when day ends, and the sky turns pink and orange and purple, moreover clouds seem to be made of fire. It’s like a flaming sky, burning day worries over the horizon to recieve the night with arms wide open. This moment means Feedom to me, because it coincides with the end of university classes, so I can go home and rest for a little while.
I like the colors of this photo, and the fire-shaped clouds. It makes me feel relaxed.  Sometimes I’d like that all the day were a sunset, because of the colors in the sky and the smell in the air. Have you ever noticed the sunset smell? (Normally, the air turns fresh, I think it’s nice).
The Little Prince liked to watch sundowns just when he was sad, however, I like sunsets when I’m sad or when I’m happy, it doesn’t really matter.

5 comentarios:

  1. Oh! i check, too. It`s really impressive the creativity of the people who publish there.
    And about your, photo i think it´s quite beautiful. Sunshine never gets old. Always deep and emotional.

  2. your picture is so magic! .. I really like it =)

  3. I love photos that shows landscapes or the sky. It's really wonderful

  4. My favorite part of the day are sunsets !! <3 it's so beautiful, I think it really make me feel like in peace. I've always wanted to climb San Cristobal hill and look a sunset from there <3

  5. oh amazing`s so magical