martes, 3 de mayo de 2011

My Cellphone

My favorite piece of technology is my cellphone.
I got it to my eighteenth birthday (it was a gift, obviously) one year ago.
I use it as an alarm clock by the mornings, and I usually use it to call my girlfriend and my parents. Sometimes I take pictures with my cellphone, and rarely I use it to listen to music. It’s not common for me to receive calls from my friends.
I use it everyday, and I must admit that I feel a little desperate when its battery is dead.
I like my cellphone, although it’s a basic one, because without it I couldn’t coordinate some  activities with my girlfriend, and most of the times it would be impossible for me to call my parents when I’m late at street and I won’t go home early.
But I’m not obsessed with my mobile phone, I’m sure I could live without it (because I’ve alredy done it), but it would be a little bit slow to do the things I do very fast right now (for example, to call my parents when I’m late I would need to find a public phone).
Maybe, life would be better without cellphones, and doing everything slowly. My grandparents were happy, and they didn’t even dreamed with a cellphone.  
Maybe, if I didn’t have to come to the university, I wouldn’t need a cellphone. I hope one day I can live without electricity, as the Himalayan sages . J

4 comentarios:

  1. the cellphones are cool, specially the olds, i mean, are very resistant and durable

  2. I must confess that university push us a lot to use digital resources and i don´t like that my dependence of thecnology raises =(

  3. I'm agree with you Richy! My cellphone is old and I use it just for calls and sms. I don't like so much technology!

  4. the cell phone is very useful especially to call my girlfriend.. =)