martes, 10 de mayo de 2011

The Best Day Of My Life

I think the best day of my life was between april 29th and 30th of this year.
It was between Friday’s afternoon and Saturday’s evening.
First, my girlfriend invited me to her cousin’s birthday party.
The story started when history classes at university ended and I went to my girlfriend’s house  (although, I must admit that each day I spend with her is a great day).
Well, the first interesting thing is that we didn’t know where would the party be, so, finding the apartment was an adventure! We had some instructions to find the place, but we didn’t know exactly where it was.
When we found it, we noticed that there was a lot of noisy people we didn’t know. That made me feel uncomfortable. In the middle of the night we had some troubles with apartment’s neighbors because of noises, so each and everyone of us had to go out of the building AT 4 AM!
We were scared. Santiago is not the same city late at night. I had a lot of money in my pockets (all I saved selling alfajores and handcrafted wallets), and I thought somebody could have stolen it.
We took a taxi and we went to an apartment we didn’t know (that belongs to a person I met in the party). It was a kind of office, so it didn’t have beds inside. We slept three hours on the floor, but we were together. :B
Saturday's morning, we woke up early and we didn’t find food, so we went out to have breakfast.  We bought a box of milk and some cookies in a supermarket, and then we came to the university VERY TIRED to learn some things about the Rengalentun vegetable garden, and we spent all the morning there (we painted our hands green to make some signs).
In the afternoon, we went to the center of the city (again) an we bought Toda Mafalda, a giant book I was looking for...
Finally, we went back to her house… It was a very long day, but we enjoyed it.
It's special to me because we were together a long time, and we did a lot of things together, it was a kind of adventure...J

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  1. You're a bad man! xD How could you put "To be continued..."
    I hope read the end of the story :)
    See you

  2. it was quite an adventure Ricardo!!