lunes, 6 de junio de 2011

Last Blog Session? D:

Wow! I can’t believe I survived to this semester! I thought I wouldn’t pass it, especially this subject, because I didn’t have English classes at high school (so I forgot a lot of things I knew). I must admit that when I came here and I saw that English classes were at the computer room, I felt upset, because I really don’t like computers. But when I started to work on the blog I realized that it wasn’t so unpleasant as I thought, and I even enjoyed it! Because we had to talk about things we like, so that makes English classes much more funny and comfortable J

I feel that working on the blog helped me to meet again with my English, and to learn some new words and expressions. One of the advantages of this way to make the class is that allows us to express ourselves about things we choose, and by doing this we learn written English, but I think it would be better if we could have more moments to practice our spoken English (because in real life, we will need both learning ways to have a significant language acquisition). That’s why I liked the oral lecture, and other classes in which we had to talk in English.

I liked the way we had to discover answers in web sites, because I think it’s useful, it’s as we were looking for something for real life, it was like a ‘reality game’. Other thing I liked, is that we learned about different topics, from ecology to chauvinism, and don’t forget we had to find some London tube stations (Can you see how useful could it be for real life?).

And the last thing I’d like to say is that now we are finishing this semester, I’m getting along fine with computers, and I don’t hate them anymore!
It was nice to share a part of my world with all of you

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  1. Ricardo many thanks for sharing your personal world, and that was the idea precisely, to learn to do things with English in a friendly environment, things that apparently are not necessary but are like in the real world, you're completely right!! I appreciate your opinion and words!!! Cheers..

  2. jejeje ! it´s kinda adorable tha way you changed your mind about the Our Cyber Friends! I enjoyed the experience too!