martes, 26 de abril de 2011

Switzerland, a place I’d like to visit :)

Switzerland is a beautiful landlocked country, placed in Europe, between France,  Germany, Austria and Italy. It’s one of the richest countries in the world. It didn’t  take part in the world wars, even being between every belligerent countries!
Its neutrality attracted a lot of inmigrants, so it has a lot of cultures inside.  Swiss people speak french, germany, italian and romanche.
It’s famous because of its mountains, watches, chocolates, penknives, banks, trains and cheese.
I’d like to visit this place because I like chocolates, and there I could find the bets ones!
I would go with my girlfriend, I know she would love that place (she loves chocolate as I do).
Also, I like mountains, and here lies the Alps mountain range (don’t you remember the place where Heidi lived?)
I’d like to live here, milking cows in the heights of a mountain, singing old francophone songs and sleeping far away from city noises.  I could have a peaceful life in there.
But, it’s nothing but a dream, because I don’t have money to travel there, and I’m not saving at all. But maybe, one day I’ll win the lottery, so I’ll do everything I want, even the trip to Switzerland! :D
Daydreams are free ;)

4 comentarios:

  1. Switzerland is a travel destiny pretty atractive but i don`t like go to a place that i don`t know about its languaje.
    PD: I also have a aunt there, hehehe xd

  2. I really admire Switzerland because of his goverment and also because it is a neutral country, very peaceful !
    I would to visit it too and I have a uncle ther too haha... the dictatorship...

  3. the money cant distroy your dreams, maybe you wont go this year or next, but im sure that some day you will travel to switzerlands ;)

  4. A friend of mine grew there and with time she migrated to Cuba, she told me people are extremely boring!!!