martes, 12 de abril de 2011


When I'm sad I always listen to Radiohead. It's an English alternative rock band, formed by Thom Yorke (the one from the picture, who sings and plays the guitar and piano too), Jonny Greenwood (who plays the main guitar and a lot of other instruments), his brother Colin Greenwood (the guy who plays the bass), Ed O’Brien (guitar and second voice) and Phil Selway (drummer).

They started playing at 90’s, and they’ve done eight albums. I like the first one (called ‘Pablo Honey’, released in 1992), but my favorite album is the second one, ‘The Bends’. My favourite song is ‘Just’.

I always listen to them when I’m sad, ‘cause their music is sad. It really doesn’t make me happy, it just make me feel worst. But I like it, and after feeling sad and listen to them I start to feel better. J

I know them since I was twelve years old, but I started to listen to all their music when I was sixteen. I’ve seen a lot of their videos, I’ve heard all their songs, I really love them.

In 2008, they came to Chile, but I didn’t have money to go to the concert. :P

Maybe one day I’ll see them playing live J 

Watch a video!!

6 comentarios:

  1. i listen radiohed too ... i think is a very good band, and i like very much their songs !!

  2. jajajjaj they are sad for me....i like this band, but not too much!
    but if you like it....good!

  3. woooow,you have a good taste,i love radiohead, i can't say wich is my favorite song,there are many songs that i like!,paranoid android,i might be wrong and some other.

  4. Richy you always make me smile!! I will listen you when I'm sad.. sure!
    My boyfriend love Radiohead.. I just like the song High and Dry :)